Power Skill Training provides a wide variety of services, tailoring each training plan to fit the individual client’s needs.
We strongly recommend you & your pup attend a initial private consultation with Samuel before you choose to enroll your pup in either group classes or private training consultations. This way we can work together to map out the best route of training specifically for you and your dog! See details below.

Group Classes

Here at Power Skill Training we offer 6 week group classes enrolling 6-8 K9s. We have two different group classes available: Basic Obedience and Intermediate Obedience. (Adolescent and Puppy group classes are soon to come!) The basic obedience course is required before moving on to intermediate skills. Each group class is hosted at Virginia Woof located off SW 16th and Burnside. In the basic obedience course, the class will stay at VW, while in the intermediate class may go on field trips to local parks. Each group class has a fee of $200 (cash or check) and is required during the first class.  Contact us today about upcoming classes, spaces fill up quick!

Private Training Consultations

Private training sessions are a great route for those seeking training skills that may not fit into the group course curriculum. These sessions can take place at Virginia Woof, or in your home (contact us to see if your home is within our service area.) We offer training pertaining to basic and intermediate obedience, adolescent and puppy training, behavioral skills, and much more! Contact us today and find out how we can help you and your pup. Each private session is between $75-$150 per hour. Packages are available for basic obedience skills: 5 session package is $337.50, 8 session package is $540, and a 10 session package is $675.