About Us

Samuel Power, CPDT-KA
Founder and Head Trainer

Samuel has extensive experience training dogs in both an individual and a group setting. Over the course of his career, he has honed his skills in behavioral work, specializing in complex anxiety, reactivity, and play dynamics and working with hundreds of dogs to increase their success as companion animals. Because of his skill in working with both humans and dogs, Samuel has gained recognition in Portland as one of the city’s premier trainers in the area of separation anxiety and dog-dog reactivity. Samuel’s passion is helping fearful and insecure pups reach their full potential.

Recently, Samuel and his scraggly terrier, Rick, have discovered nose work, and are enjoying sniffing out all the excellent adventures that their downtown haunt has to offer. Samuel is also passionate about helping clients find low-cost, everyday opportunities for enrichment to compliment the behavioral work that they are engaged in with their dogs, and Rick especially likes dissecting boxes stuffed with old rags and – his favorite – doing agility all around the Portland Art Museum.


Rosie Schurman, CPDT-KA

Rosie approaches dog training as a pragmatist and lover of dogs; she strives to help pooches become as engaged and creative as they can, and to help their families discover the unique opportunities that their dogs offer for fun, connection, and bonding. Rosie specializes in early puppy development and socialization, and loves to help her canine clients grow into well-adjusted, curious, and resilient pooches. She also loves to work with impulse control issues to help pups learn healthy boundaries with the world around them.

With her crazy Jack Russell, Fiske, and her old man terrier, Bill, Rosie likes to explore local dog parks, do nose work in the yard, and have marathon snuggling sessions on snowy days. Because Fiske is fearful of new people, he and Rosie take field trips to practice eating cookies while watching the crowds, and he’s getting to be an expert at it!